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Intra Aortic Ballon Pump

  • Back-up safety for AP signal
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Universal design


Pro-Active Counter-Pulsation; Automatic Timing Accuracy.

Teleflex’s Arrow International brand of innovative IABP therapy — called ProActive CounterPulsation — enables you to provide 98% inflation timing accuracy during IABP support — even when patients have severe arrhythmias1,2.

ProActive CounterPulsation is the unique ability of the AutoCAT2 WAVE® system with FiberOptix® catheter technology to proactively anticipate individual AV closures before they occur and provide accurate inflation timing as well as triggering, even during severe arrhythmias. Don’t settle for traditional “predictive timing” — get proactive with ProActive CounterPulsation.

The Anatomy of Proactive Counterpulsation

Arrow FiberOptix Catheter Captures and transmits the high-fidelity AP signal at the speed of light, overcoming
the delays seen with traditional fluid-filled AP signal systems
Proprietary WAVE® Algorithm The brain of the pump calculates aortic flow based on the AP signal from the
FiberOptix catheter for each beat rather than historic data from previous beats
Unique Aortic Flow Timing Proactively determines AV closure with 98% inflation timing accuracy during
IABP support — even when patients have severe arrhythmias.
AutoPilotTM Mode of Operation Delivers simple, touch-of-a-button monitoring of, and response to, physiologic
conditions to ensure consistent triggering and timing
Screen Single HD Screen (1920×1080 with 100% desktop scaling) or 1366×768 with second monitor 1920×1080 or higher

Automaticity, proactivity, and much more.

Because the timing of fluid-filled systems is based on historic data, arrhythmic episodes can lead to poor performance in patient support. In this example, the fluid-filled system properly timed only 4 out of 16 beats.

The AutoCAT2 WAVE sets the inflation point in real time, within the beat — even during arrhythmias. In this
example, the AutoCAT2 WAVE properly timed inflation for all 16 out of 16 beats.

Once the IABP is turned on, the PV loop indicates lower pressure and increased stroke volume. Simply turning
the pump on increases cardiac output by as much as 18%–22% within just 3 beats when accurately timed. This direct patient benefit is evident in the PV loop shown here.

Delivering A New Level Of IABP Reliability and Ease of Use

AutoCAT2 WAVE relies on a unique combination of FiberOptix sensor technology, aortic flow timing, proprietary WAVE software and the AutoPilot mode of operation to achieve its high level of performance — even in patients with severe arrhythmias.

• Speed-of-light AP signal transmission overcomes delays of fluid-filled systems
• Reliably anticipates and determines AV closure — before it occurs
• 98% timing accuracy within 12 milliseconds (ms) — even during severe arrhythmias
• WAVE algorithm sets inflation point within the beat, even during arrhythmias
• Increases time for coronary perfusion and decreases afterload
• AutoPilot mode consistently maintains triggering and timing — Proprietary Best Signal Scoring software brings automaticity to a new level of reliability



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